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We need you

As we said, there are different ways to help, and one of them is to translate Ancestris into your own language (eg. finnish, russian, portuguese, danish, etc).

Even if we support your language, maybe some parts of the program are not translated or not updated, and/or sentences should be improved (eg. polish, norwegian, spanish, swedish, german, etc).

We have developed a tool named Trancestris to help you to translate the resource files used by Ancestris. It is very easy to use. Trancestris is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users. Please take a look at the translation section of our trac system. There you will find all the information you need to translate, update, or modify the translation we have made.

Development : Ancestris developer access

What do you need?

  • a login and password,
  • jdk 1.8.x (e.g.
  • netbeans 8.0.1
  • the source code.

To add, change, or modify something in Ancestris, you need the source code. To access the repository on our server, please create a login name and a password of your choice, and send them to Those two elements are mandatory to have access on our server. You will get a confirmation for your access very quickly.

Once done, you need the JDK (Java Development Kit version 8.x not 6.x nor 7.x) and Netbeans (the Integrated Development Environment) (take version 8.0.1 Java SE, not 7.x.x as Ancestris is now developed using 8.x.x)

Install Netbeans in a directory where you have the rights to read AND write. Once done, please update Netbeans with the latest updates available. It's mandatory if you want to compile all extensions of the AncestrisExtensions project.

Now we have to setup Netbeans. Once Netbeans is installed and updated, from the Main Menu, go to "Team" - "Subversion" - "Checkout".

Tab "Subversion repository". For repository URL : write ""

For login and password, use the ones you gave to Daniel, and check the box to remember them (if you so desire).

Next tab, "Folders to checkout".

  • Repository folders: trunk
  • Repository revision: leave blank
  • (x) skip "trunk" and checkout only its content
  • ( ) Export a clean directory tree from the repository.
  • Specify the local folder to checkout folders into.
    Local Folder: here you put what you want eg. /home/johnny/svn/ancestris
  • (x) Scan for Netbeans Projects after checkout.

Then click "Finish".

Once done, you will be able to open two projects, AncestrisCore, and AncestrisExtensions, and even a third one named Tools.

Ancestris anonymous access

You can access the source code using anonymous access. Of course, to modify, upload, etc... new stuff to the repository, you have to ask for the development access.

To have access to the SVN, you have to use the login "anonymous" and the password "password" (no quote of course).

The repository URL is : http:/

Development Mailing List

The mailing list

You want to develop something to run with Ancestris, you want to add code to Ancestris, to change something? You want to write your own plugin? You have to register to our development mailing list.

How to register

  • You want to subscribe (two ways) :
  • Just send a message to:
"". You don't have to write something in the body of your message, but in the line "Subject", just write the word subscribe. That's all.


  • Just click on the Email address beside this will open your mail client and will put the correct words in each field. What to do next? Just send the message. Once done, you will receive a message for a confirmation (someone else could have sent a message to register using your email address, so we need to be sure you really want to subscribe). You just have to hit the "reply" button of your mail client, and send the message. That's all. You will be validated by the SysOp.

How to write to the mailing list SysOp

  • You want to send a message to the list administrator:

Commits Mailing List

This list is the one related to the different developments made by contributors. You can't post in it, but you can register to read the commits made by developers. Archives of this list (see below) are available for everybody, but registering to the list is reserved for developers and contributors only. If you are one of them, send a message to

Archive since March 20th, 2016 are available on the Nabble Archive web site.

Development web site - Trac

Don't forget to visit our Ancestris development site.


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