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You want total control of your data

Ancestris is there for you!

Ancestris Startup

An information New videos to discover Ancestris
March 12th, 2018 - I have started to create new videos for beginners. I've put the first ones online for testing purpose. You can watch them in the Documentation section.

Why do we say "you want total control of your data"? The answer is here.

Program features

What else?

  • Very well supported
  • Multiple Extensions using Plugins
  • Lots of features (Geo view, Tree View, Timeline view, etc)
  • and many more - stay tuned!

Ancestris is a genealogy program written in Java. It works under any operating system, Windows, Linux, MacOS. Ancestris is being developed under the GNU General Public License.

Ancestris is a genealogy software that closely respects the GEDCOM 5.5 standard, which will allow you to work on files that are reliable, and you can exchange and share without losing data.

In addition to the editors (Ancestris comes with two editors: a GEDCOM editor and a standard one), it offers many views like Tree View, Geographic View, Chronological View, Browsers, Table View, different tools, etc., and numerous reports.

It offers you an opportunity to expand its capabilities and adapt it to your needs and desires, thanks to plugins.

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