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Require attention IMPORTANT To install and run Ancestris, you need Java from Sun Microsystem (now Oracle).
Java 1.6.x is a minimum requirement for Ancestris 0.7; for Ancestris 0.8 beta, you need to run at least java You have to know that Ancestris 0.7 won't run with Java 1.8.x. So to summarize:

  • Ancestris < or = to 0.7 requires Java 1.6.x to Java 1.7.x
  • Ancestris > or = to 0.8 requires Java > or = to

(So if you run java 1.8.x you can't run Ancestris 0.7 but Ancestris 0.8 and above will work just fine).

To check which version you have on your system, you can visit the Verify Java Version web page.

If you prefer an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, OpenJDK is another possibility.

User's manual

We are writing a user guide for Ancestris v. 0.7. It is not finished, but as people have requested us to make it available, you can download it. Of course, this guide is updated from time to time. So even if you have downloaded it already, it's always a good idea to get the latest version. Ancestris v. 0.7 user's manual (pdf file).

One of our contributors, Dag Issjö, has written a "first steps", help page. Very useful, especially if you want to use Ancestris, out of the box ;-).

An old guide written for Ancestris v. 0.5 is still available. Ancestris v. 0.5 user's manual.

Plugins Documentation

Some plugins have their own documentation written by their author. Check this section.


Computer! Easy, isn't it

We have tried to gather different questions/answers related to Ancestris.

Of course, you can find everything in the available documentation, the Forum, etc., but some questions come from time to time, and we think it's a good idea to put all those questions and answers somewhere.
This is the purpose of our How-To.


We could add different videos to explain how to use Ancestris. These are the first ones. If you find them useful and want us to make new ones, please send us an email. We need some feedback about those videos. Thanks.

Require attentionN.B.: Some of these videos are made using Ancestris v. 0.8.

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